making BC plates!

I want to make my own BC wheel but i dont know how big my plates should be.

Here is a drawing, just insert the specifications like this:

[1] XX mm
[2] YY mm
[3] ZZ mm

my GB4 plates are.

  1. 111mm

  2. 113mm

  3. 55mm


Anybody with a bedford wheel! How big are those?

hey jagur

can post a pictue of your gb4 plates?

hey Jeff.

there a pic of them in this thread let me know if that does it for you. scroll down for the close pic.

im hoping somone posts the measurments to the large Bedford ones in this thread, they do look lo–nger.

second that

Long Bedford:

9" Long

3.5" drop down from top

2.8" drop down from axle

3.75 Wide.

That is in inchs he asked for MM

Bah, Convert it yourself.

thanx evan.

9" is really long!

Yep, And they suck nut for just about everything.

they are forsale, 60+shiping

are they still forsale?

No, they have been mine for a looong time.

lol, then nevermind.

if you want seriously well made plates you should consider making them like i did :stuck_out_tongue: evan and tom can back me up on this one

i can back you up, but im not sure about evan…

if you want good plates but don’t want to spend money, make them yourself. if your like me or owen (iridemymuni) and know pretty much what you are doing its pretty easy to do. if you have got no clue im sure you have a friend or a family member that will show you how.

yeah it’s not rocket science, but it’s close.

just get bits of metal, make a right angle that will accomadate your feet and 4.5 inches from the bit you stick your foot on to the axle, drill a hole for the axle somewhere on one of the bits. whack it on and away you go. it doesnt have to be too crash hot