making an air seat out of my torker saddle

I posted a ste-by-step guide for you, saying the tube size and everything you need to do, did you even read it? It had everything you needed except pictures.

I don’t think the OP read or listened to our information

i screwed up. at first I had a 20" tube in it now I have a 12" tube in it

Is this still a thing?

I wanna pimp out my lx saddle for use on long coker rides.

All the webpages that used to have photo instructions are down, anywhere I can find some? Or at least a photo of what the final product is supposed to look like?

Yes, see Trading Post: pics are on my CL ad.

newob thanks

I attempted it yesterday and kinda messed up when putting the seatpost back on :frowning:
It didn’t seem like it would be that good because the tube didn’t fit evenly–is it comfortable?

just using my muni saddle for now

I think, generally speaking, it’s not a thing anymore. Saddles have come so far since air conversions were popular. I think some people may prefer air saddles, but most have moved on. UDC used to sell a special “sock” for holding the tube in the right way to make the air conversion easier.

I remember reading one account of someone who flatted his saddle during a ride! It’s bad enough that the tire might go flat.

If you want to try one I would pick up the one Newob is offering on the trading post. Since it’s an LX post/saddle it should fit any frame made for a 25.4mm (1") seatpost.

I have one of the KH “Air” saddles on my 26" muni. It was there when I bought it from a guy on this forum. After a while (about a year) the internal rubbing eventually wore a hole in the tube and it went flat. I just took it out and patched it. Now it’s OK again.
Overall I wouldn’t say this was a great saddle, but it’s not bad. The reason I leave it on the muni is that I’m typically not in the saddle for long periods of time when riding off-road. Usually not more than 5 or 10 minutes before getting off (or falling off) and walking a bit. I wouldn’t want it for my road 32 or 36r, where I can go for 5 miles or more without a dismount. Would it be more comfortable than the stock Torker saddle? Maybe, but not by a big margin. Being able to adjust the air pressure is nice, but doesn’t make that big a difference.
In my opinion, the thing I like about this saddle is that it has a narrow profile, and is easy to set it more on the right side, while my “personal anatomy” goes over to the left. Works for me, but, as always, YMMV.

I have a carbon fiber Miyata saddle that would make a good air seat, if anyone is interested in buying it from me. It’s just the saddle frame, no holes drilled in it at all so there would be some work to do but would make a nice seat.

I bring this up in this thread because Miyata and LX seats have the same bolt pattern. Again, this seat has no bold holes but the can easily be drilled. I just haven’t gotten around to it. :frowning: