Making a rolling giraffe mount tutorial

I was thinking about making a tutorial on how to do a rolling giraffe mount and I was wondering: do you have a giraffe(5-6 feet tall), would you or someone you know be interested in learning this mount,and do you already know how to do this mount? :thinking:

I’m hoping that people are interested :slight_smile:

I have a friend who has a giraffe and I’ve always wanted to learn the rolling mount, so I would DEFINITELY be interested!

Once I get one I totally wanna learn…

Sign me up for lessons. A giraffe will be my next uni purchase.

I’m learning to ride one

Ok, sounds like positive feedback so far. I’ll start making it when I get home.
(I’m in South Haven, Michigan for the weekend)

can you make a how to ride one as an extra? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can ride a regular unicycle you can ride giraffe unicycle. Its like the same thing. When I got it I mounted from a ladder and rode away. I got a block and I got scared of getting off then I hit a bump and fell. Then I was pretty much fine from then on.

Unless your talking about a giraffe (animal).:wink: :thinking:

I dont know how to ride or mount those.

Edit: I don’t even think it’s legal