making a return to the forums

hello everyone,

i just decided its about bloody time i make myself present around the community again.
and with this return comes a new video!.. that will be up in 2 weeks from today.
its good to be back and riding

probably see you round


Video is great! But two weeks?! I want it now! Mummy!

Khem. Yeah. Welcome back, man. I like your avatar.

I was wondering where you ran off to…ANYWAY I always liked your videos so I can’t wait for your new one.

any one link me to an old one i know tomseys good and welcome back btw, but don’t think ive seen any of his vids apart from aus street weekend if hes in that

Hey man, good to hear! We don’t want to lose one of the top street riders out there. Can’t wait to see your video, and hopefully sometime I can get down there to ride with you.

Kevin McMullin

360 tripleback? Please?!

Lol. Glad to have you back, im looking forward to that new video. :slight_smile:

well i just got pumped…

for the vid that is

welcome back sir

Happy birthday for 5 days ago.

Can’t wait to see the vid.

Keep it wheel,


has it been 2 weeks yet?
its taking too long
you’re going to uninats right?