Making a new handle

Heres the deal, I tried to purchase a RH reeder handle from UDC and they said they were out them. So I posted on here and it seems that noone wants to sell theirs and that they are no longer produced. In the next few weeks I am going to fabricate a handle, while im at work, out of steel. I will post pics of it and tell you all how it works. In the meantime, I was wondering if neone had any specs on the old reeder handle and if there was any way that it could be improved. If this prototype works out well, I am going to try and take all your comments and make an ultimate muni/street handle that will work for everyone and make it out of lightweight aluminum. This way it will be a nice, light, stout handle. So please tell me what you all are looking for metal handle. I am going to try and make it usable for both hands and kind of keep it a little lower profile, cause I have heard that some ppl have problems doing unispins and some more technical tricks with a reeder. So post or PM me your ideas. Thanks in advance to all.

It should be pretty easy. When all I did was trials and muni I wanted one an thought about making one by getting a freestyle handle(bumper) and taking a metal plate and drilling holes in the same place as the handle. Then that peice would come out and I would take the tubbing for the actual handle part and Cut a peice out down the middle lengthwise the same size as the peice of metal on the seatbase and putting that through the hand and weldiing it to security. But just looking at the reader it makes me wonder why is so pricey when it is a rather simple design. make somthing up on your own and sel them 10 bucks cheaper than the reeder and then more people will buy yours:D

Thanks BC, yeah that would be nice to sell them for cheaper, but I am really looking to improve the design of the reeder and make a better, lighter handle that people will be able to use in all settings really. It is a relatively simple design as the reeder goes, but I was mainly wondering what would everyone like to see in a handle, or an IMPROVED reeder. I am not trying to steal the reeder by any means I am trying to figure out and build the best handle for unicycling. Just trying to get some feedback from ya’ll

I’ve used a reeder handle on my muni for several years and got very accustomed to it, in fact, I think I’d feel a bit shaky on a uni with the standard kind of short plastic handle.

I like the design pretty much as it is in terms of it’s length and shape.

If you can make an aluminium one that’s lighter and maybe a bit cheaper, that would be great.

One useful change, if it’s possible, would be to eliminate the sharp corner join, as I feel it’s a possible safety issue- my handle is padded at the corner, but it would be nice if the handle could be made of curved tubing there, rather than the current join.

The other issue with the Reeder is that it wrecks standard metal seat bases after a few months use- I got round this by purchasing a carbon fiber base which has worked well.

However, that’s obviously a pricey option.

One option would be to make the handle attach to the seat post via a clamp, rather than the seat base- that would obviously make the design harder, but I thought I’d put the idea forward.

Lastly, you could maybe consider also doing a two-pronged GB design as well- more for distance than muni; apparently those handles are difficult to get hold of as well.

Not any more they aren’t.

Seatpost mounted reeder handle/rail adapter, attaching in a similar way to the T7 handle might be nice.

Personally, the thing that would make a reeder handle nice is not being so wide, as the pointy bit dave talks about hit my leg every time I fell off when I used one. I don’t think I’d worry about unispins and things like that, cos people doing those will surely want something more similar to a KH handle, I don’t reckon the reeder type handles make sense for that kind of riding.


1wheeldave - Thanks for the input I will try and bend some piping and see what I can come up with. Thanks for all the ideas I will def take all those into consideration. I have def looked at mounting the handle onto the seat post, I would def try and keep it slim lined if I did that to keep it out of the way, and def make it out of aluminum so that you wouldnt add another 2 pounds of steel onto your uni. Thanks for all the ideas 1wheel and joe…keep em coming if you all have nething else. Thanks