Making a Muni from an old uni?


I’ve learned to unicycle about a month ago, I can freemount, almost idle etc. Now I have done that, I want to do something else.

I have 2 unicycles; a Qu-Ax profi and some no-name one I got (both 20")

The No-Name has quite a wide frame, and could easily fit a grippy BMX tyre on it.


What size cranks will be better?
What brand of tyres are best for unicycles?
Do they have to be unicycle tyres or are BMX tyres do just fine?

I won’t be doing anything extreme, there are some offroad trails where I live and i’d like to go on the easy section on a uni.

MUni on a 20" uni would be slow going, but if you really just want to ride trails on a 20 I don’t see why a knobby BMX tire wouldn’t do the trick. FWIW, there are tires that are good for MUni, but none that are made specially for it. 20" tires will be either BMX or Trials tires. If you go for a Trials tire make sure you get a “Front” tire, and not the smaller 19" “rear” version.