Making a BC wheel

Hey everyone i have unicycled for a while and i wanted to move onto BC wheel riding but im broke (everyone keeps telling me to get a job but Meh) so im making one, for nothing, well thats the goal.

I need some help with a few things so any help is awesome

  1. Wheel size is 20 inch with 14mm hub is that ok?
  2. because im making it for nothing i can only use stuff that i find or that i have already so because of that the only 20inch wheel i could find was kinda rusted, so how do i clear the rust?
    3.I want to paint the Rim and Spokes and hub (probly green and orange) how would i do that and you could almost name anything to use coz my dad has a whole shed of paints and that stuff (don’t ask me why he just buys stuff lol)
    4.the plates-square steel tubing,wall thickness is 2mm, size 20mm ok? Theres a picture of the shape im going weld together down the bottom(i got it from this website so who ever i got it off thanks heaps lol)
    5.And lastly how would i go around painting my plates after i have welded them?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help and if i have said anything stupid understand that im blonde lol

(Sale) BC Wheel with EB Plates. i couldnt work out how to insert image sorry thats the shape

Welcome to the forums!!!

ok thanks heaps mate anyone else wanna help?

Nice, linked to my post, Haha.

I think a good idea is to first set the square tubing on the ground (2 pieces) and stand on them at different distances. Figure out what is comfortable under your foot.