Making a BC wheel, what parts are needed?

I’ve already searched but didn’t find what I’m looking for. I want to make a BC wheel but am wondering exactly what goes into it. I’ve heard something about needing bearings and how if you don’t get the right kinda pegs they will spin on you. Also about the brackets that a few of you have bought in hardware stores, are they ready to be attached to the wheel or does something need to be done to it. Basically I’m looking for a parts list. So if someone could give me a parts list It would be appreciated.

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Edit: Approximately how long does it take before you can do it?

Find a like BMX bike laying in the garage or at a friends house. Take off the front wheel(do something fun with the rest of the bike, like, uhh taking off both wheels and putting pds on the fork so you can trampoline with it). Go to Walmart and buy some 8 dollar pegs, they are usually not the screw on kind. Plop the pegs on and tighten the nuts a bunch. Then go for it.
Thats how I built my first BC wheel. It cost me a total of $8.50 to do. Make sure you have somesort of lock washer. This prevents the pegs from spinning separately under your feet. But if you want a good BC wheel with the pedals, Talk to Zack B. he can make some for you. As for being able to ride, it took me a few afternoons with my freinds pushing me for a start before I could keep balance on it. Now I can jump on and ride every 2 out of 5 tries or so, and I have only been riding the thing for about a month, on sundays. I suck, but its way fun when you do it.

Re: Making a BC wheel, what parts are needed?

It isnt that hard. After my first day, I could go about 50 feet. Now I can go until I hit something maybe 150 feet(I can’t turn around yet) I have done rolling mounts like twice but I havent practiced that at all. Oh ya, I can hop on it now too (that took about an hour):smiley:

Whoa,how do you hop?is it like you hop on an ultimate wheel?

To hop, you squeze your feet together to the platform things and jump. My bedford bc has little bolts on the side of the platforms so its easier to grip it and pull up.

You can see it in Ryan and Jeff’s BC movie

thats pretty cool.

better than an ultimate wheel.

I made one cant ride it because I was too busy trying to get better at trials I’ll take it out one day soon and learn I’m sure.


Why does it have to be a bmx wheel?
and how does it spin?you cant just put pegs on a wheel,can you?

I might have to look into making one.

BMX wheels are better because the hub is nomally stronger. You can just take a wheel from the front and just put pegs on it like I did.

Doesnt it have to have bearings of some sort?

I just realized that bike wheels have different bearings.I was thinking of a unicycle wheel. :roll_eyes:

get the fron wheel of a 20" bike.

you want to oil up the bearings (inside the wheel) so that you can roll it along and the platforms stay at the bottom.

get hardware store platforms. you need a right angle piece of steel with a hole in the middle. mine has multiple but it came like that.

here are some pics of the easiest BC wheel makeup.

and the bmx wheel i used


Thats all you need?Right angle peice of steel.

Cool thanks for all your help.


Bump, in case someone has something more to add.