Makeshift Trials Course

Hey everyone,

I know this topic has been discussed before and there are whole threads made for this, but I felt this would really help a lot of people with ideas. So…

If your parents are like mine, they think that having to many pallets looks trashy. My parents only let me have three. But after a couple of hours of work, I made a complete course that my parents love as do I. So, I’ve compiled the pictures below…
Dirt before course. I prefer a hard take off surface, and this dirt wasn’t doing it for me.

So, I found a thick board, and dug a hole for it into the ground. This gives me a strong takeoff surface

Next, I installed another board. This is a wide takeoff bit of plywood. I like it because It is strong enough (if installed in the ground [dig hole]) and will not break

Here we have the three pallets. I got two from Home Depot-just took them from back, and one from safeway-got it same way

Easily one of my favorite things. Believe it or not, this is actually three strong, sturdy, individual, stackable pallets. Your parents will love it because it takes up little space. Altogether (when stacked) only takes up size of one. Now, to put this with palets, if you place these palets with everyother pallet, you can easily double the amount of pallets you currently had. I mean to say, you put the pallets in this order rising up, stackable, wood, stackable, wood, stackable, wood, etc.

These are three induvidually 15 inch stairs. Now, I realize that you guys most likely don’t have three individual stairs :D, but I was hoping this would encourage you to be thrifty, and use what you have.

Overall View: SUCCESS

And in total reposting of threads, it doesnt look bad now that ive saw all the pics. Fairly good start for a small space

I just put up a little, and I mean little trials course in my backyard. Since my backyard area is sparse, its a little tough, but I’ve got an elevated 4x4 beam to balance on, then a drop off to a square wooden plank, then a skinny piece of wood to ride on, then another 4x4 to finish it off. I might get some old tires in there to jump on tomorrow. Besides the shortness of it, the course is pretty good and I definitely look forward to adding to it soon :smiley: