Make qu ax 20" LIGHTER

I have a qu ax 20" trials and I think it is way heavy.

Anybody have any ideas on how to make it lighter.

He my uni:

oke some modifications you could make:

other seat carbon fibre seatbase
drill holes in the back bumber
alu seat post
alu frame
shave your tire to a slick
lighter rim
drill holes in your frame
remove some spokes :wink:

just kidding but the big diffrence you can make is:
chance the pedals to lighter ones
different frame

The lightest and cheapest solution:

Quax magnesium pedals (will save about 200-250g)
Quax reinforced seatpost (about 200g lighter than the steel post you have i think)

Changing the frame to a KH will save about 300-350g.

Also i would buy i Fusion cover and cut the seat down (in half)

drill the seatpost.

just buy a kris holm unicycle :smiley:

or buy the aluminium frame from qu-ax (saves more then 300g):slight_smile:

Are you guys sure that if I do buy a KH frame it will still work with the qu ax wheel, tire, and seat post?

Yes. Both (the hub and the frame) have 100mm bearing clearance and 42mm bearings.

The aluminium Qu-ax frame is 800+ grams, still way to much

I used to have the same unicycle, I got a new seat (the stock seat is heavy) and drilling the seat post is a good idea too.

everyhing would fit except the seatpost.The qu-ax post is 25.4mm and the kh frame only takes 27.2mm posts

Just get a shim… if you want to use the Quax Reinforced seatpost, you have to get one.

Interesting point Indeed …:wink: