Make MONEY$$$ from unicycling!

what is busking? busking is performing in public and people put money in a hat for you if they think youve done a good job.
where to do it- somewhere in your local town where it is busy. check your local council if you need a permit.
what type of unicycling should you do- trials/street and circus. Its good if you can perform tricks as well as juggling on a unicycle and riding a giraffe unicycle.

I personally ride a chain-driven unicycle (girrafe) in Adelaide, SA, Australia. I put out a hat and ride around while juggling a bit for 2-3 hrs. I make about 70$ at average (AUS dollars).

Just ask if you have anymore questions

I would probably do this if I lived in city that didn’t require permits… Or at least try it.

So when and where in Adelaide? I’ve only ever seen 1 other uni at the Australian Busking Championship in Rundle Mall as part of Fringe.

When and Where in Adealaide?

When? sometime on weekends and in school holidays
Where? Rundle Mall, usually near the pig statue things

Anyway are you an australian uni rider or south australian uni rider?
Ill add you to my buddy list if i havent

I’m South Aussie. I accidentally signed in in my wrong account.(spelled my name wrong haha:o ) Only just starting to learn to ride at the moment. Don’t get enough time to practice though to be getting much good. Another month or so and I should have a lot more time free to learn.

If i’m ever going through town i’ll keep an eye out. Don’t get in much these days. With the fringe and busking coming up I might have to have a look around. Should be some cool stuff.

Anyways thats all completely off topic now. Sorry.

is “busking” an australian term? because I’ve never heard it used before… then again, i don’t really know of another word for street-performing for money…

hehehe… thats really funny to me for some reason… lol…

Ummm im pretty sure its world wide but ive told some frends and at first that asked me what that was

‘busking’ is a term used around the world, but they are also known in some places as ‘street performers’.

“busking” is a British English term; it’s not in common use in American English.

Thats pretty cool m8, I have made a few bucks just riding at the beach with some friends…I didnt have a hat or anything people were just handing me money lol!

Yeah, one time i was riding while waiting for a ferry, and there was this school bus there, and some random kid (who i remember being older than me) reached out the window and just gave me a dollar randomly.

busking seems like an awkward thing to do… vanpaun says its fun. I want to try busking, but i dont want to act like a fool

yeah i wouldnt want to make a fool out of my self :astonished: (any more than i have already lol) but a realy want to go to covent garden in london, there are always profesional street performers there who have huge audiences all the time.
i saw some one there with a giraffe unicycle but he needed three people and a wall to get on it. ok admitedly he was juggling while riding but ive always wanted to go and show them up by proving a teenager can ride one of them crazy clown bikes too, and then do a couple tricks on my trials unicycle:D i just think it would be qute funny.

I think street performers often use audience members to help them mount giraffes. It’s a good opportunity to involve members from the crowd which is always good. I watched a guy last year at Winchester hat fair last year and the most entertaining part of the routine was just him mounting the uni.

Maybe he could actually freemount?


I saw the same guy when i was there a few months back, i was quite impressed because it was my first time seeing a giraffe uni, but people could do a lot better out of unicycling at covent garden

Busking is a pretty common American word. We have lots of “Busker Fairs” now.

It’s a great way to create an act and make money. a good performer will make $200 to $300 a show.

Most street performers who unicycle will clown it up a bit. Use audience members to help them get on, they’ll ride around all “out-of-control” for awhile.

I was a busker for over 20 years and I still get out once a year or so to hawk up a crowd and pass the hat. It’s like free money.