Make a unicycle with Popular Mechanics

You may or may not have heard about Popular Mechanics, it was/is a series of do-it-yourself books that have ideas, plans and diagrams for just about everything that you could make/fix/tune up, including a unicycle.
This is what the books look like.

And here is the entry on unicycling.
Not that anyone should try to make one like that, as I’m sure that the seat would be excruciatingly uncomfortable. :wink:
But I thought that it was cool, so I thought that you might also.

That’s awesome, I’ve gotta get me a trike and try that out!

very cool! thanks for sharing

Excellent research. What year was that published?

What’s more amazing than the unicycle itself is the fact that the kid is riding it with apparently no difficulty. The wheel and fork is from a tricycle and that style of tricycle wheel used bushings instead of bearings. Busings do not work well for that purpose. When you put all your weight on the unicycle the busings will not turn easily. Riding such a unicycle is difficult. If John Foss sees this he’ll chime in with his story of trying to learn to ride a Troxel unicycle that had the same style of wheel and bearings.

That’s awesome. :astonished:

I was given an old ‘Sears Catalog’ style unicycle like that once- it was metal instead of plywood, and it was old as dirt, but darn if that photo doesn’t look awfully familiar.

Seems I gave that to Tommy Thompson here in Memphis- TT, you still got the antique?


(BTW- thanks, those of you who’ve shopped my cafepress site. It got orders from Florida and Canada the same day- that always seems cool to me)

Yah. Suffice it to say that if you’re going to home-build a unicycle, let that design be your last-resort choice. You will want ball bearings, longer cranks, real pedals and an air tire. The rest is not bad…

“seat shaped for good leg clamp action”

hahah, gotta love that leg clamp action.

1964 as far as I can tell.

Yeah, it isn’t a good design for a unicycle, but it’s interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, that picture is not that old. I did some checking and found some evidence that it may be a new high performance unicycle being tested in the far reaches of the globe under expert supervision and direction under extreme conditions…

Cool history. The article that got me started unicycling is

How to build and ride a unicycle, MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #436 Sep 1964 (v.60) pg. 90

I couldn’t find the actual article on the web, just the reference.