make a uni club

any ideas im tri’n to make a uni club for my city.


ride your uni around and talk to people…offer to let them try…tell them where you got yours and tell them you’ll teach them to ride for free. that should rpoduce some results.

get out for local events and make yourself visible; bring attention to unicycling. point people interested to an email or website so you can get local rides going.

contact Tommy Thompson at He is a really good guy and knows his stuff about creating a club.

iam doing this too
i started a weekly unicycle meeting…
in the beggining we are only 2 …
now we are in 6-7
and each week some new guy appear…

i ride a lot on the city with my uni, i talk to the people and i point where peoples can buy one…

Here in brazil the unicycle is not that popularized… its hard to find unicyclist here.

but the first thing you need to do is begin something

If you do, please check spelling, grammer, and punctuation. :smiley: :wink:

yeh i took up unicycling and since then 7 people have taken it up 2 they all stopped apart from me now and they all are obssessed wih skateboarding so that sucks

Hey, just out of curiosity, supersam, do you use the forum