Major seat problems

I’m new to unicycling and LOVE it! I started on a 20" Miyata that I picked up used for $30 and within a month was freemounting, turning, and going for short rides around the neighborhood! And then I broke the seat in half! I tried to order a new base from, but mine is a different size completely, so it looks like I’m going to need a new seat for it and will probably get a Schwinn style seat post to allow for more options. I had NO problems with comfort on that seat, although I never rode for more than 1/4 mile at a time on it.

I also just purchased a United 26" for $49, but the seat is awful. Let’s put it this way, ALL of my weight rests on my twigs and berries when riding it, so the only manageable technique is to squeeze the seat between my legs and ride with almost no weight on the seat. This obviously doesn’t work very well and more than once have I felt pain between my legs that my future children are complaining about :astonished: I’m 6’1" and 200lbs and not sure if that affects the seat choice at all?

Looking at, it seems that I have two decent options for the replacement of my two seats: 1) Viscount for $24 or 2) Kris Holm for $48. What should I do? Keep in mind that if I bought 2 Kris Holm saddles and a seat post (to convert the Miyata), I would have spent more on seats than I did on the two unicycles! Maybe that’s the thing to do, but maybe not? I suppose I could get a Viscount, try it out and maybe return it, but with shipping, it might end up being as expensive as the Kris Holm!? I’m looking forward to your answers,
Pat in Boulder, CO

Let me start off by saying that a good saddle can make all the difference, not only from a comfort standpoint but a technical one as well. I currently ride a KH saddle and can honestly say it is, without a doubt, one of, if not the most, comfortable seat on the market. I’ve ridden the Viscount and it isn’t TOO bad but no comparrison to the KH, not by a long shot. Not to mention the KH has a handle which will undoubtedly come in useful as you progress as a rider. It all comes down to how much you see fit to spend given the quality of your current unicycles. Would you spend $10K for and awesome system in a $15K car?

Your call.

My biggest concern is that my weight isn’t resting on my testicles and penis! Whether I’m comfortable or not is also important, but my current seat puts all the weight there and it’s just not possible to continue riding under those conditions.

Is there a difference in seat geometry/size that would lead to that kind of extreme discomfort, or is it mostly padding that makes a difference? Should both of these seats be acceptible in this regard?


Wear some snug fitting lycra style cycling shorts. The cycling shorts will help keep you from sitting on your dangly bits. You can wear the cycling shorts under regular shorts so you don’t look so much like a sausage.

Some larger riders prefer the shape of the Semcycle Deluxe saddle or the Viscount saddle. The Semcycle and Viscount saddles have a flatter shape so the front of the saddle doesn’t constrict you as much up front. The KH saddle has a deeper and shorter shape that can cause some constriction issues up front for larger riders.

Try a Viscount and see if that shape works better for you. The bumpers on the Viscount have a habit of falling off because the screws don’t hold them on well enough. You can get larger sheet metal screws at a local hardware store or you can get the replacement screws from

The Viscounts also have a reputation for being rather firm. Some Viscounts are more firm than others. It may be because of the way the cover is glued on that causes some to be more firm than others. Ask to find you a squishy one. There is quite a bit of variability in the squishiness of different Viscount saddles.