Major Koxx one crank issue.

I have had my Koxx one cranks for a little over a month and I have been riding em pretty hard. I havn’t held back but I don’t weigh alot and I still have some fear so no drops over 4 and a half feet.

I now have a huge problem with them. They are aluminum with inserts for the pedals. These inserts are now very loose and I am afraid that they will come out.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this or whether this is covered by Koxx, basically any way of rectifying the situation, maybe there is an easy fix for it.

Thanks for the help.

Hey Nathan I work at an aluminum sheet metal shop… if you don’t mind the paint comming off I could have one of the guys weld it or at least put a few tacks on it to keep it from being loose…

edit: wait I just realized that the inserts are probably NOT aluminum but steel inserts into the aluminum crank which in that case steel and aluminum can’t be welded together… maybe some JB weld would work.

If you can get it through a warranty that would be yr best bet.

Unfortunatly I don’t believe there is a warranty that I know of.

call who you bought it from and udc, see what they recomend.
also call koxx to tell them of the flay and see if they will do anything.
If not i recomond jd weld aswell.

i would say check the warrenty and hope that they will replace them for you

side note: check your post count it says “661” i thought that was kinda neat.

I have these cranks, And i know how that insert is attatched, And i dont see how it can be loose, it would just simply fall out, are you sure the pedals arn’t just loose?

Yes it is the insert, my pedals are actualy often loose but you can tell very easily by looking at the back of the crank that it is not the pedal.

I had an issue with some Truvative cranks that used the same method at the shop at work at this summer, basically you should be able to tighten the pedal all the way back in and it should tighten the insert. Truvative warrantied the cranks and they fixed the problem by hitting the steel insert with a punch so it couldn’t turn in the aluminum. I would say look into a warranty, since thats definitly a manufacturing defect.

Sounds like a design flaw; has anyone else had this problem?


did you use the washers ?



I wasn’t sent any washers. Should I have been? If so I will give renegade a shout.


there are two versions of this cranks. You pic shows the one you need the washer. If you have the other version you don`t need the washer … in that the insert looks different to the one on your pic …



I gave a renegade a shout and tom over there said to send yoggi an email sometime next week as he handles all warranty issues. I guess this means that I do indeed have a warrantee. I will let you know on the results.

I had a problem with my crank, and JB weld solved the issue.