major back muscle imbalance

anyone else have huge back muscles on their right side (if they are right handed)?

i have a big imbalance in muscle causing some curvature to my spine. i am only supposed to lift weights on my left side until the strength issue is fixed


Been there, done that… i had the same thing on my left side (left hand on saddle).

Took quite a bit of training to get it fixed…

What kind of exercises do you do?

I haven’t got the curvature bit yet but yes to the asymmetrical back. I didn’t even realise it until I looked in the mirror one day.

:S wow that sucks lol! All i’ve noticed is my right arm is bigger that my left lol. No deathly back stuff :slight_smile:

I’m right handed. My right hand gets used for “flailing”. Naturally I think the major strain goes to the seat-holding hand, not necessarily your dominant hand. Looks like this would be a great opportunity for you to get used to using the opposite hand!

And me too. Yesterday I did my first long MUni ride in over 6 weeks, and toward the end my flailing arm (shoulder) was getting tired from all that waving around! :slight_smile:

hmm, this is a wake up call for me…i better start learning to hop ambidextrously…

It sounds like great conditioning for your next parade ride. :roll_eyes:


I’ve been thinking about things like this happening for a long time. I know my right arm is slightly bigger then my left. What did your doctor reccomend you do to counterreact this. Be nice if you would post some of the info you doctor gives you so that we can counterreact this before it happens to us. If there is any mor info that is.


start doing everything on the uni ambidextrously :slight_smile:

I was in a parade on Saturday. My parade unicycle of choice is my 45" wheel, which has an old-style Schwinn seat, covered by a sheepskin seat cover. Since there’s basically no handle there, in a parade I flail with both hands. Most of that flailing, however, is for effect. Audiences love it when you ride toward the curb, waving and looking at a group of people not in your direction of travel. At the last second, notice the people right in front of you, big arm waving and semi-controlled turn away from the jumping feet in front of you. Then you angle to the other side of the street to repeat. I never gets old (for them)!