Maisie's first Muni ride

I am just back from a short Muni ride in the woods near my house and I took our two dogs with me. It was our young Labrador Maisie’s first time out with me unicycling. She is eight months old now and is becoming more obedient, it was dark but she got on well, hopefully that gives me the option of getting a bit more Unicycling in now.

It sounds like Maisie would be an excellent riding companion - as long as she can stay out from under your wheel and not stray too far ahead! There was a thread here a few days ago about people riding by themselves and it seems that dogs are ideal riding buddies as they don’t get tired of the sport and lose interest like (some) people do!


So far she is very good, our Collie gets very excited when she is out with me when I am unicycling, but she knows to keep away from the wheel. Our last Collie used to be bad for trying to bite the tyre, and I once cycled over her nose! She was so excited she didn’t really feel it thankfully.