Maintenance N36"

For all you distance guys what kind of maintenance should I do on my N36 after a long ride? How often do you have your wheels checked for true? Is there any “greasing” needed/ hub maintenance? I appreciate any help here. I want my uni to last at 100%.


My nimbus 36" has about 1,000 miles on it as of right now. I haven’t needed to do much of anything with the hub and bearings other than make sure that the caps are secure to the frame. As for the wheel itself, I have the airfoil rim and it is very very very true still so I haven’t needed to true it. If you notice some movement in the wheel when you pedal the revolution then you may want to have it checked. The most attention I give my unicycle is in the crank arms. They have a habit of coming loose after a few hundred miles of riding and need snugged up again. Also, you will want to move the seatpost around in the frame every few weeks especially if it gets wet to make sure it doesn’t rust into place. The rail connection on the seatpost if you have a T-7 should also be checked to make sure it is tight enough over time. I think that covers it but I’ll add more if I can think of it.

and when you check your cranks, make sure you pedals are tight to. I also regularly check (before each ride) to make sure the pins in my snafus are tight because i would hate to lose one as it would be hard for me to find a replacement.

I will have to remember that. I took my pins off my snafu’s just so I could move my feet around on them a bit easier. I will be putting them on again though.

holy slick!

SNAFUs without pins are death for me. I ride both my 24" and my 36" with snafu pedals and I did forget to mention to make sure that the pins are in tight with the rest of your work when you check your cycle out.

When you put the pins back in, loctite them.