Maintenance - I need a new frame

OK, here’s my final maintenance post…sorry about all the threads.

Anyway, while working on my 24" United, I ended up removing the frame from the lollipops 2 or 3 times or so. The last time I took it apart, I noticed the frame is crumbling. Where the frame bolts into the lollipops, there are chunks of metal around the holes actually breaking off. These are fairly large chunks, too. I’m not completely sure it will all hold together if I reassemble now.

I’m just going to have to get a new frame now, I guess. Clearly something with main caps - Semcycle XL or something like that. But, what did I do wrong? Or is the United frame that cheap? I guess I could have been tightening the bolts too much, but I didn’t want anything to be loose…


There is a thread about similar frame problems and a solution on this forum.

This may help you decide if you want to try a fix or buy a new frame. I, personally, would buy a new frame. Gardner posted some outstanding photographs in this thread.

Re: Maintenance - I need a new frame

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harper <> writes:
> I, personally, would buy a new frame.

Don’t do it! You CAN save that frame. Mine is holding out
quite well with curved plates. I also shimmed the lollypop
bearing-holders out so that they fit more snugly in the fork

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