Maintaining your Splines!!!

How often should that be done? :thinking:

Depends on how much and where you ride. e.g. If you ride on sand a lot, you have to do it more often.

I clean and re-grease mine every two months.

How often do you ride? do you ride in sand a lot?

About ten hours a week, trials and street.

I ride on rocks that have a bit of sand a few times a week.

how do you stop cross threading with an extractor? :thinking:

Unless you ride on a sandy beach every day, this is a bit excessive. 2x a year should do just fine.

Always lube the threads (with a dab of anti-sieze or grease) and start the threading with your fingers. You should be able to turn the extractor 2-3 revolutions with your fingers before using a wrench. If the threads cross you won’t be able to turn the nut with your fingers… back out the nut and try again.

I followed this and it worked very well but i have a question.

How do you clean your bearings? They don’t come apart but I would imagine that mud and stuff could still get inside them so how would you clean them out and regrease them.

Call me an idiot if this has already been answered but I didn’t see it anywhere

I think you just have to buy new ones. Most bearings are sealed, so you wouldn’t be able to take them apart.

Or maybe there’s a way and I just don’t know about it.

thanks, great advise

Thanks for the tutorial. The video maintenance is exactly the kind of help I need too.