mainly trials movie


i went up to the country to visit a friend and while we were up there we decided to do a bit of filming.
kilmore is an old australian town and has a population of about 3000. its the kind of town that you can walk around in an hour or so.
i swear there is not a single rail or grindable ledge in the whole place! because of this most of the movie is trials.
please tell me what you think, cos this is my first real go at editing and stuff.



ahahaha sick as, i havent downloaded the movie yet, its still downloading, but ill tell u wat i think of it soon as its done!!

Is it just of u and ed ? I cant wait to watch it, and i also got my new Mr. Control clamp today :smiley: seems alot strongr than the kh clamp!

By the way its tom :stuck_out_tongue: i didnt know u posted on these forums :slight_smile:

hey tom,

its mainly me, but there is ed and a few other kilmore riders as well.

are you coming in early on sunday? we are meeting at flinders street at 11. ed, luke and i.

hope you like it,


Thats cool, and there are a lot of good skills in there, I liked it. One small critisism, your camera is obviously not too good, and doesn’t seem to like movement very much, so try taking a step back from the action, and moving the camera less. It seems most of the time you’re a bit close, so the camera moves more than it needs to, the shot blurs and you can’t see whats happening. Some of the shots were fine, others were messed up by the cameraman panning to keep you in shot. When the camera doesn’t like movement, keep it still… It’ll come with time though, you’ll get used to it, and apart from that, very cool.


nice vid man, good too see more aussies busting out unispins on tabletops now


yeah the camera wasnt great. thanks for the criticism, i will invest in a better cameraman next time! i want to get a mini dv cam but i cant afford it at the moment so untill then i am stuck with jerky and blurry footage. oh well. better than nothing.


yeah for sure man, i was the one who organised with luke to go in earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

i loved it you guys are good. how long have you been riding? the camera was real shakyt though. other than that the movie was great. look forward to seeing more from you guys.

does your camara man have tremors or something? any way sweet riding.

hey guys,

thanks for your comments.
yeah i heve been riding street/trials for a bit over a year, but basic riding for a bit longer than that.

i am starting to think that i will use i different cameraman next time!



That is some really good balance you have got there!
The stillstand beside the road, and the seatdrop… standing still for real! Amazing! :slight_smile:

Really great riding! Good choice of music too!

Ahh that was cool but I guess dont have to say it was like watching an episode of cops. I liked the soundtrack fo real and a little thought is it would be alot more zesty if you kicked up the frame with your foot during the seat drop rather than grabbing it.


i slowed down the stillstand by the road but the seat drop was real. i will try kicking it up with my foot when it stops raining.

by the way, the music was the theme from the matrix.



Hey max. I’m downloading it now.

Good lookin’ stuff, I really liked the seat drop stall and the backwards stair riding. I can’t wait until I can do that stuff.

I didn’t mind the camera that much, just because the riding was varied enough and very entertaining. Great job max! :slight_smile:

come on

i know my camera work was shaky but is the first time i have ever used a camera + i have parkinsens disease;) (wink wink )

thats kool amos :wink: i didnt mind it that much

Hey max, its chris from kilmore… I totally agree that the camera work was really crap but even though i was making it with you, it is a great movie. Well done using my laptop which crashed about 19 times! (piece of shit!)
C u @ tha Uni meet on Sunday!