mainly just a first test post

too young to learn to ride a uni (60) but i’m getting a 24 anyway.
eventual goal - be able to ride 5 miles plus on a 26 or 29.

Welcome aboard!!! You’re never too young, I hear even kids ride these things:D :smiley:

BTW, I just turned 51 today :slight_smile:

Re: mainly just a first test post

The biggest barrier to a 5 mile ride is in your mind (after you learn to ride of course). After that the “plus” comes more and more often.

That is a great name! Right up there with Dudly Do Ride, another one of my favorites.


thanks for the comments and welcome.
gets me off to an encouraging

Happy Birthday!

Finding the balance point is by far the greatest challenge when riding, (well, unless you start getting into crazt tricks, of course they are hard!)

As soon as you can wobble down the road about 100 feet, you’ll soon see how small 5 miles actually is!

Where’s the rest of your bike?

Yibbidy Yibbidy Yibbidy That’s all folks!

(granted yibbidy may not be the best word, but what does Porky Pig say, anyways?!?)

My favourite user name is still Hell On Wheel

Welcome Uni-tunes! I’m really surprised that the name hasn’t been snapped up yet. Good job on getting a "uni"que name.

At first, 5 miles will be a pain in the butt (literally), but after a while, it will be nothing. Wait until the first time you decide to do 5 miles offroad!

Once you learn, a 29" unicycle will make short work of 5 miles. 20 miles on a 20 inch, on the other hand, is something that I still haven’t tried.

Re: mainly just a first test post

On Sun, 18 Apr 2004 06:29:17 -0500, “uni-tunes” wrote:

>mainly just a first test post

I can read you loud and clear. Welcome! 60 is a good age to learn.

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too young

And another welcome. I love to hear stories about learning experiences! It keeps me feeling young. And if it doesn’t kill you, it will add lots of years to your life expectancy I’ll bet. It engages and expands the mind, the heart and the soul in a wonderful way!