Maine unicyclers?

i live in Bangor maine and havent seen anyone on the forums from maine and was wondering how many people there are? i also dont have anyone i can ride with because i have yet to find anyone who lives around me :frowning:

welll that may confirm it haha no one unicycles in maine!:(:(:frowning:

There used to be a several riders at UMaine in Orono. I think most of them, including myself, have left the area. Unicycle Max might know the current cast of Maine riders though. He lives in Farmington, so i think he’s gotten a few new riders down at UMF.

Sometimes you gotta start your own unicycle scene. Get some of your friends into it, let them borrow a spare uni if you have one. Good luck dude.

i have taught 2 of my friends to uni using my old learner but i was just wondering if there were others around thanks tho!

Yeah, there were half a dozen of us at Orono, but we’ve all gone our separate ways. I know at least one professor in the college of engineering who can unicycle, but I doubt he actually does any riding these days. Aside from Max and teaching your friends, the next best bet might be to find people in the UMaine Orono juggling club, although I’m not sure how you’d do that, or if it even exists anymore.

Maine is the kind of place where once you grow up, you kind of want to get out as soon as possible. Then when you get old you want to come back.

It is my hypothesis that the unicycling population will therefore come in waves. This first generation of unicyclists in 2002-2005 went on to do some cool stuff. Schoolcraft went to CA and is tearing it up like only a rocket scientist can. You may have seen him in Uni magazine. Frank went to NZ for a while and South America. Max rode solo around New England and then he and I both participated in Ride The Lobster.

So you see? Maine has produced several really talented unicyclists. It is now your turn young jedi, to start the new wave, the next generation of Maine Unicyclists. You can do it.

Also, Vermont has a huge unicycle club. That’s almost Maine.


I am going to Bowdoin College next year in Brunswick.
I am moving out there in august.
I am definitely going to be bringing my unicycle out there. I hope there is some good riding. I have some awesome riding right out my backdoor here in boise. I have trail heads that are literally a few blocks from my house.

I’m from Freeport, and there is a small group of us here, though we rarely ride anymore. There are also some kids fom Scarborough who ride. Unfortunately, most of us are of to College these days, so it ends up that we’re not around much.

I go to school in orono, and ride every day. primarly ride 29’ to school and for xc, 24 for the krazy stuff, and get down with the trials aswell. Im down in scarborough right now but am up near bangor all winter. Lets Ride!

I know of a couple in the Ellsworth area.

KcTheAcy- sounds good! chances are ur alot better then i am but then again i have only had a trials uni for about a month and before thta all i had was my learner uni and didnt try any tricks on it haha. But its still fun to ride with someone else!:slight_smile:

Event URL’s details and directions

Here is a link for the event, as well as a video promoting the event.

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cool, ill see if i can make it

Any life to this conversation? Some time has passed and wondering if they’re any new unicyclers in Maine?

I met a guy and his kids from Maine at the NY munifest, named jigywigy on this forum I think

Hey Teleskiah,

Where are you located? My son, daughter, and I ride - distance or MUNI. I am not as good as my kids. It is always good to ride with someone else. We ride weekly around Portland area.

I live in the Boston area but my folks are in central Maine (Belgrade) and have an apartment in Portland as well. Would love to hear about Maine based rides.

Thanks for responding…we live up in Caribou…I am aware of only a couple of other riders here in the Caribou area…My son and I ride pretty regularly and would love to meet some other dedicated riders…I just recently upgraded to a 26" from a 20" and my son just learned on a 20" and is pretty much better than me already…

There is someone from Houlton riding a giraffe and I just learned of someone else in the Ashland, me area who is supposedly pretty good too…We would just love to meet and ride with some other folks who are as interested in riding as we are…

Next time we travel south I will drop you a PM and see if it works out to ride with each other!

Caribou! That is a long way up there. Please do PM if you do come down. My kids, 9 and 13, ride as well My son is also a lot better then I am! Being young and fearless certainly helps.

Iphazard: Also PM me if you are in the area.

Do either of you MUNI? In the Belgrade are there are suppose to be some trails and near Freeport there is Bradbury State park which is excellent.

As far as other unicyclists in the area, they seem to be few and far between. There are 2 school groups, the Woodside One Wheelers and the Scarborough Gym Dandies. They are parade focused groups. My kids are riding in the New York City Columbus Day Parade this weekend with the Gym Dandies. Which is great.

It always surprises me that there so few active adult riders in the area. There are a lot of adults that went through the Gym Dandies and could ride, but very few that actually keep riding after getting out of school. I think after the parades stop they lose interest. They just don’t see it as a sport. It always surpises me when the older kids don’t know people race and compete on Unis. There are a few that make that transition to a life long sport, but not many.

I am curious if a club was started in nearby Portland if some of those dormant riders would hop back on their unicycles. I am always amazed when groups of people - like the Chatham Unicycle Club (near Albany, NY) - can get enoug riders to play uni-basketball or hockey on a regular bases. When I ride it is usually me, my kids, and a few of their friends.

Maybe I should get off my butt and do it, instead of just talking about it.

Muni in Scarborough

Jigywigy let’s ride!