maine uni

hey does anyone that lives in maine wanna go uncycling at bradbury mountian statre park if some one wants to go ill set a time and date that works for every one bring water and a lunch

Hey, I live in maine and ride there once in a while. There are 3 or 4 guys that live in freeport that ride there ofter also. Kyle, Tyler, and Shemus.
There are lots of riders in scarborough.
Me (Kaycee) Bryan (my brother), Matt, Henry, Jon and like 200 more.

theres scarboro kids cause they do it in gym

Whats that mean?

ya we practice in the gym once a week, but we also do muni and trials outside.
And our club has 6 trials unicycles and we have trials obstacles that we set up in the gym. BTW the ground is called The Gym Dandies.

definately! I am one of the three guys Kaycee was talking about, but he spelled my name wrong - its Seamus - anyway, when do you want to ride? This weekend or next would probably be best for me, I’ll tell Tyler and Kyle as well.