Maine to California (step one)

So sounds like you need a coker bro. If nothing else, this trip is a great excuse to get yourself a really fantastic uni. This forum is one of the best resources you can use to prepare yourself and network places to crash along the way. I’m really excited for you and I would like to help you out in anyway possible. What do you think about setting up a website with a paypal account for donations?

As for the “people person” thing, Max has practically grown up in the middle of an Improv Comedy Troupe. He has an incredible wit, a very unique perspective and great attention to detail. It seems like everywhere he goes he ends up in some wacky situation or finds a quirky story to tell. From Michael Bolton’s limo attack to marriage proposals from strangers on the streets of Boston, Max’s unicycles have already brought him plenty of stories to tell. I can’t wait to hear or read about his adventures across the country.

You got some great suggestions here bro. I say make it happen. Duty Now

Okay, so I’m feeling good about the unicycle. A Coker Deluxe with an airsaddle and brakes. I have my aunt shopping for featherweight camping essentials, and has given me the number of a friend of hers that is a master welder. He could probably make me a nice rack. If my brother, Boojiboy, can set up a website for donations, and a map, and maybe a blog of sorts, then the project would have a little more clout when I start step two in the next couple of weeks- finding sponsers.

Thanks a lot, everyone. I’ll be on the road next May!


I just saw this today in the paper. For accomodations try:

I say go for it, but I seem to be a lot like you.


Any Idea how much ground can be covered in a day? I would be up to flying back somewhere along the trip and join the ride for 4 or 5 days and then fly back home.
Although we still need to find a good way to get a Coker on a plane

Oh yeah, I’d love some uni company here and there. Some cities I’m looking to pass through- Manchester, NH, Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, St. Louis, MO, Flagstaff, AZ, Calexico, CA, and Mexicali, MX. Nothing about my route is solid, though, so I’m more than willing to take a couple days to ride out to meet a fellow unicyclist (especially if you’ll let me take a shower, shave, and sleep on your couch.)

But, I have to get sponsorship or else there is no ride. Any tips or suggestions?

maybe this book has some insight. or you could sell plasma like this guy

It would make sense to me to start by looking at companies with a track record of sponsoring simmilar rides. And by that I mean b*ke rides.
Also look at companies who can use the ‘coast-to-coast’ or ‘we get it there, whatever it takes’ aspect of your ride in their advertising campaigns. Courier companies spring to mind.

Yeah, definitely look at getting sponsored. You can get sponsored by Cliff bars for example like our local freeride club, or powerade, or anything that you would consider using on the ride. Another thing to look into is making it a charitable event by getting sponsored from friends, family, random people, fellow unicyclists, and donating money to an organization. If you were to come by DC I would ride with you for a little ways and would be glad to put you up for a night or two, as Im sure other unicyclists on this board would do the same. The key here is obviously planning, but you cant plan for everything and that is part of the reason why this adventure will be fun for you if you carry it out.

there must be roads somewhere through those mountains

and we all know taking roads through the rockies doesnt involve climbing

Those all look interesting and might provide some good ideas on how to write-up a big adventure. But given this big adventure is a ride across America, I’d recommend (first) the Lars Clausen book as most directly relevant, and then this one, because it’s also relevant, and frankly hasn’t been read enough.

And on the “conveying adventure in writing”, I’d heartily recommend this as a primer. Just finished it, and there are some really really good stories.

I think if I was setting off on a trip like this, I’d seriously consider riding a 29er rather than a coker. Yes they’re not so good for distance as a coker, but you’re not in a hurry are you?

Cokers are great for distance rides, but a real hassle and expense to fix if something goes wrong to the tyre or tube. It sounds like you’re going unsupported (hell what’s the point in doing a ride like this if you have a support crew?), so the advantage of being able to fix the wheel at any bike shop is pretty handy. Cokers will sometimes go for about 3000 miles without wheel maintenance though, so you might be okay, I’m not sure how far this is. Just be really really sure you can mend a puncture first time. I’ve actually never changed the tube on my coker and am on my third or fourth tyre.

I’d also be posting up asking if people had floors I could sleep on and asking all my friends if they knew people in towns where I hadn’t found accommodation. That’d save on one of the biggest costs.

If you want high resolution digital photos, a good way to get them is to contact local newspapers when you’re going somewhere. Most newspaper people use digital nowadays and will almost always be happy to get you a copy of the photos if they do an article on you.


I was thinking more along the lines of this or anything by Bill Bryson. You can’t go on an adventure on a unicycle without the book having a slight edge of tongue-in-cheek, I would have thought.


I have to read this book.

I’m with you on the tongue-in-cheek aspect. That was my thinking in suggesting Macarthy’s Bar.

dont worry about the apps ive unied/hiked the maine prtion there no that hard