Maine to California, Step 2

So, Monday I got my Coker Deluxe with the v-brakes and airsaddle with fusion seat cover. It’s worth more than my car. This is the unicycle I will ride more than 4000 miles, going from Eastport, ME, to Imperial Beach, CA to raise money so I can go back to college. I have an itty bitty tent, and a variety of maps and atlases with my route crudely drawn on. I’m in the middle of Lars Clausen’s book “One Wheel, Many Spokes.” I have a leave of absence set up at work. I can get all my supplies, everything is all set, except for one baby little hicup.

I need to raise $5000, or the trip won’t happen. Any money left after that will cover my expenses when I go to school Spring, 2007.

So, how do I get people to give me their money, and lots of it?


Not sure about the raising money part. I’ve never done any kind of fund raising activity but I just wanted to say good luck with your endeavor.

Also, anyone who owns a unicycle worth more than their car has got to have a very straight set of priorities.

Think corporate sponsor,, or Coker tire, etc. But with that comes more responsibility, wearing a tee-shirt the entire ride, stopping at malls and schools and doing demos, having people call ahead to local tv stations you will be passing to have them do a story about you, keeping a daily blog. Think about making a documentary about the trip and enter that in film festivals and have outdoor sports television networks like (warning: self promotion ahead) RSN air it.

It’s a lot of work but very few people are going to “give” you $5k. Sorry.

Hey Underdog! I’ll be in Flagstaff for a few days in August (I was born thereabouts). You aught to ride with me for a day or two.

That goes for you, too, Briguy. Where are you in Maine? I can try to come through your town.

I’ll be there with bells on to cheer you on/ride with you at the finish. I know you have alot to think about but if you have a moment, come up with some kind of food you like (within reason) and ill bring it to the finish. Mexican food is big here. Ice cream cone? Big Mac? Sushi? Beer? lemme know :slight_smile:

When I was fundraising ($5000 also) for my trip to Australia/New Zealand, I contacted family, close family friends, businesses of family/friends, etc. I would imagine that you could do the same, and, in addition, talk to local bike shops and bike shops along the way. If someone sees you on a 36" unicycle with camping supplies and maps, I doubt that they won’t believe that you plan to ride from Maine to California, and would more than likely support you in some way.

I think this trip is a great idea. You will certainly have earned that tuition after this is all said and done. I look forward to reading more as you progress.