Maine to California? (Attn: New England unis)

I’ve posted a couple of times, talking about my big cross-country ride, from Maine to California, Atlantic to Pacific. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to feed myself along the way.

So, here’s the new plan: I will ride a lap around New England, 750 miles, through the green and white mountain national forests, in three weeks, all to pay for college.

Anyone in New England who would like to ride a few miles, a few days, or hell, even the whole thing with me is more than welcome. Plus, if anyone would be willing to let me shower, or put my tent up on their lawn would be life savers

Thursday, I wrote up a proposal for sponsorship, and made copies of the map of my route. I distributed about half a dozen to local buisnesses. I dropped a packet off at each of the two local papers, both of which did quick interviews, and took pictures of me riding my coker.

The article in the Lewiston Sun Journal came out Friday morning, on the front page along the fold. I should have an article in the Rumford Falls Times on Wednesday.

Friday morning, after the Sun Journal came out, I got woken up by a call from the Associated Press in Portland, ME, who liked the article, and wanted to run a story. He asked some questions, and, I assume, put his article on the AP wire.

While I was at work, I got two messages at home. The first was from 99.9 The WOLF, looking to do an on-air interview. I talked to them this morning- I’ll be on the air Wednesday around 8 in the morning.

The second message was from a girl at The Today Show, looking for more information to see if it was a story they’d be interested in covering. I’ll know more when the girl who called gets back from the Bahamas.

So, if anyone would be interested in riding with me, send me a PM. If anyone feels like being a saint and contributing to my college fund, you can send me a PM. I’ll post more information as I get it.

Max DeMilner

heeey, Mikefule posted a thread about an article about you in JC!!
I personally would love to ride with you, but I don’t think Idaho is in New England unfortunately…so, I can’t.
have fun!

I could possibly ride with you, depends on the route… I should be in NH sometime then, it would depend on my work schedule… Also, if you’re on a 36" wheel, I might have probes keeping up on my 24" muni :wink:

I’m in the same boat as Nick. Depending on your route I might meet up in NH but Id probably have trouble keeping pace with a coker on my 24".

Uni to Montpelier

Hey, I read the AP article in the local paper, complete with photo of you on your Coker. If your route is passing near Montpelier Vermont folks from our club would love to meet you & ride a bit. We could likely raise enough money for you to finance at least a textbook or two! the club is the Montpelier Unicyclists, website We have 15 - 20 people (60% elementary school-aged) show up for our weekly indoor riding in winter, and I’m sure several would work it out whenever you’re passing through. Free food and tentspace!

Bill Merrylees

two questions:
when are you leaving? im thinking i might be alittle out of date on this thread

any chance of getting a route map posted here?

As Max’s older brother and biggest fan, I’ve put together a website where you can get more information, check his daily progress, make paypal donations and maybe help him out as far as food and places to crash (sleeping, not upd-ing). The website is and It’s coming along quite nicely. New content is being added daily so check back often.

mann if i had more endurence i would so join you… im not too far from rumford. But yeah the whole keeping up… and all that might not work to well…

That videos pretty sweet… haha i plan to go out to one of the beaches soon to do that too…