Maine/New England unis

Maine is pretty scarse as far as unicyclists go. It’s pretty much me, and anyone I’ve taught to ride. I hit the roster to find someone nearby to ride with

Notice how all the unicyclists reported to be in Maine apparently meant Manitoba, Canada?

I’ve registered myself three times, I believe, and I am adsent from the list. Budget!

I grew up in Maine (Standish). Moved to NY in 86. There’s supposedly a club in Scarborough. I think it might be affiliated with a school.

If you’re into offroad, Bradbury Mountain is a nice place to ride.



You left a response on my forum post about Funkadelic Wheeljam a few days back… are you still interested?


Hell yeah. I’m campaigning to the legal guardian to let me go down for it. She’s not too keen on letting me drive 6 hours (12 round trip) for the 4 hour event. Ah, well. It’s not for, like, a month. I’ll wear her down.

Hope to be there

Keep working on it Sockmonster!!!

Hey! Could you send me an e-mail confirming whether your going or not soon?


i live in raymond maybe we can go some time

Me and a couple of other kids live in freeport, and there are lota kids in scarborough that ride.

It seems like there are more unicyclists from Maine than I had originally thought. I know there are a couple in the Bar Harbor area, and five or six in Freeport. There are a ton in Scarborough with Gym Dandies.

Bradbury is a great place to ride. We should organize a muni ride sometime. After ski season? Late April?

I need to find some ppl closer to Boston… Maine is just a bit too far away for me.

During the summer I’m in the Lakes Region of NH, that’s not too far from Boston :slight_smile:

Buxton, Maine muni capital of the world. (at least my world!)

Me and my brother Kaycee (kactheacy) ride muni/trials. along with Henry, John and some others.
We live in Scarborough Maine.

I’m one of those people in the Boston area.