Maine Muni/Trials video

My brother Max was up for my college graduation, so on the one sunny day we had that week, we called up Frank and went in search of a trials set-up in the woods near campus. Not sure who built it, or why they built it over a swamp, but it was fun. I’m never sure what to call this kind of “north shore” set-up. It seems like trials, but being in the woods where muni’ing is involved to get to the site, I called this video Maine Muni. Let me know what you think.

5mb divx encoded
2min 30sec

Awesome video, sweet trails. Got a better quality version? This one suffers. Happy Trails.

How’s this:

10mb WMV format

What format do most people prefer when their watching online uni videos? divx? wmv? mpeg? quicktime? maybe i’ll post a poll

Those look like some fun stunts. And what good is a ride unless you spend some time in the mud or water, right?

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!
What was the last uni in the moive it had a red rim and a narrow tire??

That’s my brother’s nimbus freestyle uni. I tried to talk him into a trials. He definitely pushes that thing beyond its limits.

Divx, and if the world were perfect all video’s would be 50mb or better quality.

Anything BUT DivX. Even though I downloaded the DivX codec, DivX movies still wont work…