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Back when we had the Unicycle Challenge I asked people to include biographical
information so that I could start a public mailing list roster, like I’ve seen
on some other mailing lists and web pages. If finally have some time to put some
things together, so here is version 1 of the mailing list roster. Its not very
big, but I hope some of you will add your names to it. I only include people who
ask to be on the roster, so those of you who prefer privacy don’t have to worry
about being included.

If you want to check the list later, it will be available in the ftp directory
( and on the web page.


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Unicycle Mailing List Roster

Name: Andy Arhelger E-mail: Age: 35 City: Rochester, MN
Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Name: John Butler E-mail: Age: 20 Location: Waycross,
GA, studying at Georgia Tech in Atlanta (U.S.) Job: Computing Support
Representative Other Hobbies: Typography, Bass Guitar, Juggling, Politics

Name: John Foss (The Uni-Cyclone) E-Mail: Age: 32

Name: Dirk Iwema E-mail: Age: 39 Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
USA Occupation: Engineer

Name: Dennis Kathrens E-mail: Age: 38 Location: LeRoy
Kansas (out in the boonies, 70 miles south of Topeka) Occupation:
Instrumentation and Process Controls Technician Hobbies: read science fiction,
repair just about anything, bicycling, unicycling.

Name: Beirne Konarski E-mail: Age: 35 Location: Cuyahoga
Falls, OH Occupation: Systems Analyst Hobbies: Boomerang, tin whistle

Other ways to find unicyclists:

The Unicycling Society of America(USA) sells a membership roster for $2.50. I
don’t know if you need to be a member to order but it is worth joining in any
case. You can contact them at:

Unicycling Society of America
P.O. Box 40534 Redford, MI 48240

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