Magura's on a SH frame

I decided to put a pair of Magura brakes on my SH Muni, but didn’t want to mount them directly on the fork legs. So I called up my buddy, SteveOwe, and he whipped up this clever mount on his CNC machine. This is just a “rough cut” and still needs to be trimmed down and polished, but I wanted to get it mounted before I head out to Dallas tomorrow

1 brake mount.jpg

Here’s a pic of the lever mount I threw together using a bar end an old handlebar stem

1 brake lever mount.jpg

Pretty cool!

I just got a new 2005 Magura brake in and it has a booster designed for the Evolution adapter; don’t know yet if it goes over the larger tires.

U-turn, the Summit Trials uni that I got a few weeks ago had a new Magura with a booster on it. It wouldn’t even come close to going over a Gazz. I hope your booster is wider :slight_smile:

Well my wheel with a Gazz is loaned out at the moment. The booster does fit over a Coker tire, but unfortunately the brake mounts on the Hunter frame are too far apart to use it. It’s a really nice one, just unusable. :frowning: