Magura V-Brake Adaptors

Just recieved a pair of V-Brake adaptors. See attached Picture.
They can be ordered from the following site:
They are called:
They cost 7.99 British pounds per pair and 5 more pound for shipping.
(There are other more elegant and expensive adaptors out there.)

Put V-Brakes on to my Onza 24" and KH 29" and am thrilled. No more out of control and burning knees down steep hills!

Bood Shimano V-Brakes cost much less than Magura brakes. About $20 compared to over $100 for the Magura. V-Brakes are also much easier to find and do just as good a job.

Why have all the unicycles gone the magura route? it would be very easy and cheap to put V-Brake bosses on Unicycles along with the magura mounts.

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V-Brake adaptors.

Does anyone else have solutions to adding V-Brakes to Unis?

Anyone know why all the Uni manufacturere seem to go the Magura route and not the B-Brake route?


I think the main reason is that hydraulic brakes don’t get pushed into the rim if they brush against the rider’s leg, and are just tidier and generally less likely to get hooked on clothes or whatever. Plenty of people use cable brakes though (either V or calliper type).


^exactly what i was gona say

Those brakes cant fit on the fat tires, so nothing over 2.6" I think…

Thats what I heard anyway, or it was somthing like that.

Interesting. Mission Cycles is a UK bicycle company. But they don’t have those V-Brake adapters listed in their accessories. I wonder if they have been discontinued and will soon be impossible to find?

are brakes worth having? my dad made fun of me because i said i wanted breaks on my uni i might get

Depends on where and how you ride and what you’re personal riding style is. This would be a better question for RSU.

For long hard hills they save your legs, if the hill is long and steep enough this may mean you can ride where you couldn’t otherwise, as your legs would cave before the bottom. Also on very loose ground the constant braking force of the brake means that traction can be maintained where jerky half rotation back pedalling would break the tyre loose every time. I got one a few months ago on my muni and use it all the time because im lazy.