Magura tpa adjuster stuck

So I’ve recently installed a t bar handle. And have my brake in a fairly standard position. I thought it was protected by the bar ends, but it took a bit of a whack on a recent fall

The brake still works but when I tried to dial the pads back in a little with the litte red wheel I find I cant move it at all
The brake seems quite usable as is but just a litte annoying

Any suggestions?

Your TPA threads are partially stripped or the metal/plastic barrel that the TPA rod threads into is stripped. Take the lever off and take the TPA apart. If you can get the threaded rod out of the leverblade, you may be able to clean up one or both with metric taps/dies. You should replace the TPA parts that are damaged as it will happen again. The aftermarket metal TPA adjusters at Tarty .com are good for the 2005-2010 HS33’s and I can sell you what you need for the 2004 (earlier) HS33 brake if you can’t find what you need there.
Post a pic of your lever on here if you need more help