Magura steel braided crossover lines

You guys break your plastic crossover lines enough for this to be worth it? UNLIKE the Magura full steel braided kit… these CAN BE MIXED WITH PLASTIC LINE. They come with OE Magura steel fittings. They also have plastic coating so dirt will not fill up in the braiding and look like crap in short order.

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Ooops, forgot the pic!

Are they long enough to fit properly over a 3" tire?
A big problem with stock crossover lines is that they are too short to fit over a 3" tire on a unicycle. The short crossover lines don’t have enough clearance over the tire to avoid getting snagged.

They are longer than standard Magura crossovers (which I think are 9")…10" from end to end (not counting threaded bit).

The line doesn’t seem to be the “Achilles heel” so much as the connector. More often than not, the Magura failures I’ve seen have been at the junction between line and connector, if not the connector itself.

Yes, because that is the point where the line gets folded over…causing cracking. At least in biketrials.

Am I missing seeing a link to buying these (not the first time I’ve been associated with a missing link, to my chagrin)? Or are they vaporware?

I did not want to place overt advertisement on the forum. I dislike forums cluttered with nothing but hype about latest gizmos.

I no longer do retail. However and will have these on their shelves by tomorrow or Monday.

I was mostly curious as to the need for these from the UNI community…and resulting comments.

How much will these be, and is it only the crossover line or the normal line too?

I really need to replace the crappy plastic lines on my uni…

They’ll be a good thing for unicycles. I’ve gone to a local bike shop that does DH bikes to have a custom crossover made. Having something on the shelf that can be ordered from a web site would be quite convenient.

You might want to make sure that the description clearly explains what thread size the crossover cable uses and which holes it fits in on the Magura brakes. Some people aren’t aware that the brake has two sizes of holes. One size for the crossover and one size for the tube that goes to the brake lever. And if you have the Magura braided hose the role of those two holes gets reversed. Quite confusing unless you’re aware.

Sorry to be dense here … but does this mean that these WON’T work if I already have a stainless hose installed from lever/master to slave? I’m asking because I have a spare stainless hose set I haven’t put on my 24 because of the 3" Gazz. I’d like this longer crossover hose, but only if it will work with Magura’s stainless hose from lever to brake cylinders.

Sorry, it will not work with Magura stainless steel kit. The reason as stated by John above. For some unknown reason, Magura decided to make two different size holes/threads in the slave cylinder that receives the line from the lever. It confounds me because hydraulic pressure is even… it does not matter which hole the crossover line or supply line get put into.

Not so much a big issue if the standard line and Magura steel line dedicate the same hole for crossover and for supply. They did not. Someone on break during Oktoberfest in Germany decided it would be fun to have them use opposite holes so you CAN NOT INTERMIX STANDARD LINE AND MAGURA STEEL BRAIDED LINE. Yeah, I know…real smart.

As the plastic crossovers are the ones that have the issue, I decided to make it compatible with them. If there were enough interest, I suppose I could get the supply line done in steel braided…thus a whole kit that was interchangeable with the plastic line. The hesitation I had was that I have to have a large number made… of each size… are most supply lines on UNIs the same length?

You were the first one to ask, so you win the door prize. That is to say, if you will confirm length on your UNI I’ll send one to you for free. e-mail me ( name/address stuff and I’ll jet one out today or tomorrow.

Someone asked earlier. I think dealers are selling them for between 30 and 35 dollars.