Magura rim brakes with different rims?

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I am wondering how much vertical adjustment there is (if any) for magura rim brakes? Is it possible for instance to put a 29er wheel on a 27.5" unicycle frame (ensuring there is tire clearance using actual frame measurements, and something like this - How to calculate Bicycle Wheel Size to work that out)?


There’s hardly any. If the brake mounts are for a 27.5" rim, then that’s the only size that will work.

I think the only way to do that would be to add another set of brake mounts on the other side of the frame, like Triton does on their frames.

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Thanks so much. As I don’t have any yet, and I couldn’t tell for sure from the manufacturer’s spec sheets. I had suspected as much, but I thought I’d check the ever helpful users on this forum. The thing is I have a 26" wheel on right now and am on the lookout for a wheel on the local used market. I keep coming up with 700c/29 that might possibly work for a decent price, but I have been mostly ignoring the ads until today when I speculated that perhaps this could work. I don’t really want to put new lugs on. I don’t know how to weld aluminum/aluminium yet.

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