Magura rim brake installstion and adjustment instructions, Brycer1968

Interesting! I have an HS33 brake on a KH24, which I am very happy with. However on my KH36 the same brake is way too aggressive in a way that I find it hardly usable. I got now a new KH26 with a HS33. This one works again perfectly fine.

I know people having the same brake, pads and rim on a KH36 and having no such issues. The rim itself has no issues and the wheel is true. Gearing it up did also not change the behaviour.

I considered now to try changing the pads and got a set of black ones. Maybe I should however go for the grey ones …

Any other suggestions are appreciated.

Yes, the grey pads may work. you could also try cutting wider grooves into your pads to create less contact between the rim and pad. The Magura Frankenbrake also seems to do a good job of keeping the brake from grabbing as much on a 36er wheel.

Thanks Brycer1968! Since I had already purchased the black pads, I tried them out today. I thought if they should not have a positive impact, I could still use them as replacement pads for my munis and try some grey ones on my 36".

However the first tests showed a significant improvement! The brake works now - for the first time - very smoothly! :slight_smile: I would want to make a longer downhill before I claim the problem is resolved, but I am very confident that this is the case.

This is unbelievable! I now just replaced the original black Magura pads with new black Magura pads. I had the issue right from the beginning. Therefore I can only assume the the original pads had a production issue.


Why? Did the magura brake installation method changed or anything? I dont think so.


How do you manage damage or lost resine rings ? You know where to find replacements ? Or do you have a trick (electrical tape or else) ?

Hey Sid, yes they are a pretty specialized design (with function that is similar to a gimble) that I think would be hard to replicate with tape. I have lots of new Magura resin rings here. If you need some PM me and I’ll get you set up.


Someone was asking about it

Can anyone recommend a brake booster for Maguras on a Nimbus Nightrider frame?

I’d like to add one, because the frame is so flexible. I have to run the brake pads pretty far out to avoid rub, and then half of the remaining brake lever travel is wasted on flexing the frame.

But none of the four boosters I have lying around fit; the only one that’s wide enough runs into the frame (the Nightrider frame has the double vertical tubes, and the connecting tube at the top limits clearance for a booster to fit).

Echo makes one, but I can’t tell if it will fit. Even after I tried printing a paper one to scale, I could only tell that it would be very very close.

Back in the day I used an arch from an old suspension fork from a bike that I had laying around. It was an improvement but eventually swapped the Magura brakes for V-brakes as they didn’t grab as much when the frame flexed letting me put the pads closer for better results.

Also I blew a line during RTL and when I got home it seemed like a good time to try something else.

Mine actually rode the RTL! But I don’t know any details; I got it from the second owner, who mentioned it. It’s one of the purple ones.