Magura repair kit

Did I need the repair kit ?

Is there something special in it - aside from the oil ?
When I am planning to fill it with water like so many other people here, then there is no need to work very “clean” because of the liquid and maybe this is the only reason for the kit ?

First I will use the break with normal filling, have I to change it complety or can I “mix” up ?

I am not fully sure about the “waterthing” itself, up there are so many that find this better than oil - maybe I am testing it out …

it has the fittings required to attach a syringe to the system without introducing air after bleeding, some spare hose fittings, a clamp for holding the hose while you fit the fittings, and some spare hose and fluid. The need for the kit is not so much to work ‘celan’ as to work without introducing air in to the brake system.

If you’re going to use water you don’t need it, just undo both ends and submerge the entire brake in a tub of water. I would probably try and get the old fluid out first to minimise mixing. Personally I use brake fluid, but the only downside of water I’ve seen is that it can freeze.

another thing

Dave thank you !
Have I understood it right …
did I have to dismount the Magura 33 parts from the frame and sattle complete ? “Open” the system, fill it and ready ?

Can the parts at the sattle maybee stay there ?

Sorry for this further question and thanks in advance.

Is there a differenz with “normal” cold (not freeze) and hot weather in the performance.
Special when the ride is in the car at 50 degrees…

Well when you heat water it becomes less dense, so the brake would not be as sharp. Whereas in the cold it will be sharper. One problem with water is that under constant pressure it can condense, brake fluid doesn’t do that.


Yes, I also think so, but if you read through the posts with that topic a lot of people stick to water.
So there must be a great benefit in the “smothness” of breaking with water.

You can also make most of the stuff in the repair kit. I bought a syringe at a cooking store, and used some tubing from an aquarium.

Re: the water vs. brake oil issue. We don’t go that fast on our unis, and so the issues of fluid compression/overheating aren’t that likely to occur. If you live somewhere that gets really cold, though, freezing could be an issue.