Magura Raceline

I’m thinking about buying some Magura raceline breaks. Does anyone have any experience with them? Thanks for the input.

Other than being ridiculously Stylish(Black/Yellow) It looks a bit pricey for what its worth, Most places are selling them for $280 or so. If you can find them at like $200 take’m.

Sylin’ Picture:
I just found these on Ebay for a great price! Snag’em Up if you can!

Great Deal Here

are those that the same brake that is on the kh trials?

I belive the ones on the KH trials(although I don’t see why you would need a break for trials…) are These Puppy’s . But I could be wrong.

alright thanks

Is there a difference between the racelines and standard hs-33’s besides the color?

I believe there is a difference. Its probably just quality, besides the fact of about a $80 price difference.

Hate to double post, but some ebaying has found me these great deals on magura brakes:

Awesome deals.

Ebay is your friend for brakes!

So the green hs-33’s are racelines and the black ones are regular hs-33’s? I have the same confusion as Max.

One thing about the racelines that catboy linked to is that the crossover cables aren’t long enough to handle a 3.0 tire. You’ll have to replace them, but it’s still a great deal. I bought a single used magura hs-33 with steel crossover for $75, to give you an idea of their cost. Ebay always has a few of them for sale, though, so don’t feel rushed.

I got racelines second hand for 75 bucks Canadian… so look around before you dish out full price brosif.