magura questions

if i were to buy two maguras off ebay and split it w/ my friend, would the back hose be too long?
would i be able to fix this problem w/ a new/trimmed hose at a local bike shop for reasonably cheap?

o yeah, also
is it worth getting an HS33 for more, or is a normal magura (w/o the adjustment knob on the lever) fine…?

Yes the rear brake’s hose will be way too long. Your local bike shop will be able to shorten it easily. (You can even do it yourself if you have the right tools.)

People on this forum will tend to say go for HS-33, but in fact either the HS-11 or HS-33 is perfectly adequate for unicycles. I’ve run both, and not noticed the increase in stopping power on changing from HS-11 to -33. The reason I changed is that I kept on breaking HS-11 levers.


Are the mounts the same for HS 11s and HS 33s


i heard that as long as your careful and dont squeeze the lever you can cut it without needing to bleed it.

getting the fitting back in is hard though, you need a channel cut in a block of wood to hold the hose in a vise and then hammer the fitting back in (rubber mallet)

Yes, the mounts are the same. I’ve had HS 11’s, 22’s, 33’s and Magura Move hydraulics. They have equal stopping power. The main difference is the lever and master cynlider. The calipers are basically all the same.

That wasn’t my experience. I was very careful and still managed to get a little air in the line. I have a bleed kit and it is very easy to bleed them. Also the fitting going into the caliper is a compression nut with a ferrul. The bleed kit comes with extra ferruls. This makes it very easy to shorten the hose from the handle to the caliper. The instructions say to be sure and use a new ferrul. The hose between the 2 calipers is the one that needs to be tapped on with a mallet.

that one from the front wheel is to long too. I needed to cut it a little to fit the frame better. You can do it in almost every bike shop and its not expensive. but I did it in one shop and after that time they where bleeding all the time a little. then I went to another shop and they make it better after that second time i dont have any problems with that. I am not touching it from almost year…

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