Magura Mounting

I just picked up a pair of HS22’s at a garage sale but it didn’t come with mounting hardware. What will I need to put it on my new DX from torker?


UDC or Darren has the mounting kit.

how much of that will i actually need since i have brake bosses on the DX?


I’m not sure if you can get the mounting hardware from UDC without the bosses. Darren probably can do it.

One last question, does it matter if this brake was for a rear bike wheel? I dont see why it would, but i just want to make sure before i buy the mounting equip.


the difference between a magura front & rear brake is the length of hose betwixt handle & cylinder. You’ll need the 2 ‘bracket’ mounts, to hold the cylinders to the brake bosses. Darren or UDC should sort you out ok, or an LBS will probably sell you some for an extortionate price.



The one set of maguras I tried installing (on a 24" KH) I broke.

Good luck!

sometimes there is powdercoat on the threads of the bosses. So thread the screws in one time before you try to install.

I have Maguras, mounting clampies, but no bolts?

Does the HS33 kit usually come with bolts? I didn’t get any bolts with my brake kit. Does it use a standard size I can get from my LBS or hardware store?

The correct bolt is special (you can get along without it but removal is harder.) The head of the bolt is hourglass shaped and the Magura clamp clamps to the waist of the shape. This is what it looks like: Maggie Bolt link. You might try your LBS or you can order it from the above link.

To remove the Maggie (for flat fixin` an stuff) just open the lever and that side will slide off. I modified :astonished: mine, on Marvin the Coker, so that I could remove BOTH :smiley: sides because that Coker tire is very large, see Dual clamps. This is what it looked like before that up-date to dual clamps: plain bolts.

What about mounting the lever under the seat? What do you need for that?