Magura Mounting on Triton Triple Frame - 29er Alignment Issue

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I’ve moved my 29” wheel to my Triton Triple frame which she 3 sets of Magura Mounts - they were fine for the 24” wheel but for this KH 47mm rim they do not touch.

I’ve pushed them inwards as far as I can and I think it is a case of worn pads.

Wondering if people used some kind of side to side hack or device to set them inwards more - or pad up the brake pads some more. Only needs about 2mm each side.

It’s just odd given the frame is clearly designed to taken them and I’ve searched and seen photos of them mounted with no issues.

Am I missing something?

Thanks :pray:

Hmm, yes pads looks like they might need replacement. Here is a picture of my almost unused HS11s.

I don’t have much experience with them to be honest (they are just lying unused in a box), but I believe you can also “pad adjust” on the lever so you move the brake pads a bit closer to the rim by default. Seems like that might do the trick (and/or in combination with new brake pads).

Or you might need some “offset” Magura rim mounts. I know they are made to enable use of wider rims but I guess they would work fine for the opposite… (I have no experience with those mounts, I just know they exist)

Available here


Thanks so much for the very helpful reply. Those mount look really nice and useful.

Happily I managed to get the frame working with a back up set of HS11s which seem to be properly bled set.

My HS33s either need a better bleed - I did the last one and thought they were fine, but perhaps not - or HS33s don’t push out as much as the HS11s.

The long and the short of it I’ve kind of fixed it and reassured myself the frame does take Maguras correctly.

But I’ll probably have to tinker tomorrow with a rebleed. Not to mention the simple fact I want my red crossover tube on the Triton.

Once again, thanks for your help - much appreciated and very useful info for the future as I like a food Magura!!


That’s the case indeed. HS33 have a smaller master cylinder. In that way with the same manual force you can generate more braking power. The longer travel of the lever is probably not a big issue because you have the little wheel with which you can compensate the brake pad wear.
BTW, I wouldn’t say your pads are worn, actually I find they look pretty much unused. They are worn if the channels in the pads are not visible anymore.

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Thanks, that’s all really helpful information to know :pray: