Magura leak


It appears I have a slight leak coming from the slave cylinder of my Mugura HS-33 brake. I understand that there’s an “olive” on the line which get’s jammed into the pipe and tightened during assembly. Could a leak of this nature mean I simply need to loosen the nut and jam everything in there firmly while I tighten the nut?

The only visible sign of a leak is oily dirt around the brake on the slave side. There’s no dripping and the brake is functioning fine. Thanks everyone.


The “olive” is actually a “compression fitting” sleeve that goes around the brake tube. Try tightening the line. It will probably compress the ferrule and stop the seepage.

Okay. Do I need to be concerened about over tightening? I don’t plan on cranking on it, I’m just wondering how sensetive it might be.


You will be compressing a brass collar that goes around the plastic tubing. It is a “compression” fitting, so just snug it up real good. Just use common sense and tighten it the same as you would tighten a small nut of the same size.

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Here is a specific page about fluid leaks:
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