Magura Identification

Hey, this may seem like an obvious question, but i cant seem to figure it out.

I’ve got a magure brake but dont know a lot about them and i dont know what kind it is.
It doesn’t seem to say on the handle, unless i’ve missed it somehow.

Anyway, any information would be great!


Hey will!

The number is on the lever on my maguras.

It will either be a hs11 or a hs33. Im not quite sure what the difference is though. Hope this helps.

Ride on!

P.S Sorry about the crappy artist skills!

I THINK (going from memory rather than proper research ;)):
HS11 had plastic brake levers
HS33 had metal levers
The actual calipers were all the same.

There was also an HS66, again same calipers but levers for proper (drop) handlebars (very nice - got a pair for my tandem just before they stopped making them). And I think there was a 22, but I don’t know what that was like.

Edit - I’ve just found some more info… the HS11 apparently had different size pistons, giving a different brake feel from the 33.


I just had a quick Google and apparently the HS11 didn’t use the same calipers as the HS33 and HS66. The HS11 calipers were apparently plastic.


Oh yeah, thats right, and the brake booster for the hs11 are squarer than the hs33 ones.

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I’ve actually got 2 different brakes im trying to ID
Neither of the handles are plastic. So that means they’re not 11’s.
The handle of the orange one looks like it has “johny t” or some signature on it. Cant find any model on the grey one at all.
Attached are some pics of the 2 of them. Im new and havent figured out how to put photos straight in my reply. Im slightyl computer illiterate!

bike brake.jpg

They both look like hs33’s. The red one is definatly a hs33, its exactly the same as mine. The other one looks the same aswell.

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Definately both the actual brakes look like 33’s. After doing a bit of searching, i think that i have come to the conclusion: the orange one is an hs22. This is because the part where the pipe comes out of the handle is a bit different to your 33, but still has the adjustment.I think the grey is an hs-11. This is because it doesnt have any adjustment on the handle. Tell me if im talking rubish! But i think thats right.

It is a bit hard to see from the tiney blury photos i posted though!

From the information I can find, I think the HS11 had plastic calipers (as well as the plastic lever). So if the main body of the caliper is plastic, I would say it’s definitely an HS11, otherwise it’s hard to tell. I’ve never seen an HS22 so I don’t know what that was like. The 33 (and 66) has metal caliper bodies.


If you look closely at the grey brake lever you can see a hole on the lever where an adjustment screw would normally be on a hs33. Most likely its a hs33 with the adjustment screw missing.

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The grey one looks like my hs-12 (just to complicate things further). Metal calipers, alloy (well, metal) lever with a plastic clamp on the handlebars. THe hole that looks like it’s missing a hs33 TPA dial thingy should be an allen key reach adjuster.

Yea, the hole does look an allen key adjustment. There is no plastic clamp though. Havent heard oh HS-12. When were they brought out?
When you google search “HS-33 Magura” and “HS-22 Magura” it looks like all the 22’s are different to the 33’s in the way that the pipe exits the lever. Unless the older 33’s looked the same as the newer 22’s where the pipe exits, they might be 22’s.

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I bent the rails on the saddle rail adapter on my KH Freeride.
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the first pic is an old style hs 33 and the second is a hs 22. and the style 33 you have dosint have s metal lever blade its like a composit plastic

on second thought the first one looks like it has the hs22 body and a hs 33 lever and the 2nd one looks like a plain old 22. and why dose it mater aneyway

At first i thought it would be just a simple identifacation, but it doesn’t seem that way.
And yea, i gues it doesn’t really matter. i just thought it would be cool to know.
Thanks for the help.