Magura HS33

Hi all. If I purchase a set of magura HS33 brakes, will the front brake cable length be long enough to fit my KH24? Will the rear cable be too long and need cutting? (I am putting brakes on the KH24 and Nimbus 36).


how high is your seat post and seat tube combined

If it was setup for a bike, chances are you will have to cut them.

The distance from the seat rail to the top of the magura mount on the frame is:

  • KH24 34cm
  • Nimbus 36" - 25cm
    I hope these measurements are help.
    And I was planning on purchasing a set for a MTB.


If you’re relatively tall, then a front brake may not work for you. I had to put a new hose on mine (it came with a front brake hose) to get it to fit on my KH24; I have a relatively long inseam at 34" (about 85 cm). On a coker, it may work, though, depending on your crank length.

I bought Mine for my KH29 and it was a front brake. It was about twice as long as I needed so I cut mine and now I have a replacement. Its worth bleeding it with water instead of oil anyway because it feels alot nicer and is aparently ment to cause the seals less damage also it is sooo much easier to bleed it with water compared to oil.

When I first put Maguras on my uni a year ago or so, I heard this idea about using water instead of oil. I found a Magura forum online somewhere, and was actively discouraged from doing this because the seals were, so people said, more likely to fail with water than with Magura oil. I don’t know the truth of this–the people saying not to do it may have been Magura employees who didn’t want to lose sales of their hydraulic oil, for all I know–but I thought I’d at least chime in and say that there’s divided opinion about this.

I’m glad it works for Sp4rky. Personally, I used sewing machine oil last time I had to replace the fluid (due to a broken hose), since it’s cheap, easily available, and was recommended by a bike mechanic who works on hydraulic brakes a lot.

not true. but i would still use watter. or mineral oil.

use brake fluid for cars?
idk much about how they work…

than dont post