Magura HS33 - Out of adjustment

Hi, last week I’ve install Magura HS33 on my 26 Muni. It seems that after any UPD the cylinder get out of adjustment :thinking:
I fastened the Bolts pretty tight…

Here’s a pic:

Anyone with/has similar problem?

PM Me and I’ll send you some HS33 brake install and adjustment instructions that I wrote up and send out with the HS33’s I sell to uni riders on here. Its likely an easy fix. Likely your mounting bolts aren’t tight enough or your crossover tube is too short.


PM sent

hey Brycer, can I put the lever from my maguras onto my avid juicy 3 disc brake caliper?

Interesting idea. . . I haven’t tried that bit of brake lever-swapperey, its unlikely to fit, but let us know if it works.


Avid uses DOT fluid, Magura uses mineral oil.
Avid and Magura use a different hose mount and hose, so you’ll need to figure that out.
The Avid also seems to have a larger resevoir than a Magura.

So, maybe a better idea is to cut off the end of the lever on your Avid, the the Spooner will fit fine OR wait until Kris releases a universal spooner :wink:

i want the control of the dial on my maggies, the avid juicy doesn’t have any way to adjust