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Hey everyone,

Im interested in buying a brake for my kh24 since i plan on doing a lot of riding in the rockies this summer. however, im not willing to pay the 169$ to get it from Does this look like a good deal? Would i be able to set it up on my kh24? should i trust that it is in good enough condition?


Given the seller feedback rating offset by the fact this man runs a bike shop, I don’t think there is any reason you should be worried.
As they say on ebay “happy bidding.”

That brake doesn’t come with the two bolt trials style mount. The mounts on that brake are for the v-brake post style mounts on a bike. You can get those mounts to fit on the KH frame, but it will take some fiddling and you might need to buy some additional bolts and washers at a specialty hardware store (they’ll be metric sizes). Most likely you’re going to end up wanting to buy the two bolt style mounts from I don’t know if will sell just the mounts and the bolts without the un-needed braze-on things. Call them and find out. If you have to get the whole kit it’s $26.

Don’t the KH unis come with the brake clamping hardware, if not I’m sure that sells them without the braze-ons. I don’t see how the other hardware would work, I would just get the corect clamps for your muni. You will want to shorten the brake line since it’s a rear brake and you will need to lengthen the cross-over line as well, so you will need to get a bleeding kit and an extra olive for the conection to the brake-lever. It’s very difficult to get the barb conectors in the hose on the crossover, I would just convert to braided stainless steel brake lines they are much easer to deal with and much more reliable.

You can get magura brake hardware from, SS brake line, fittings, bleed kits, brake-fluid, and I’m sure the mounting hardware.

Re: magura hs33 on ebay

“Tellurider” <> writes:

> Don’t the KH unis come with the brake clamping hardware

Mine did. In fact, I have a spare Magura braze-on kit which came with
the brake kit from Never even opened it since the KH24
came with complete brake mounts.


mine didnt,i had to call and ask what was up…they said they were not going along with the frame for free anymore.i told them to look at the misleading picture on there site and they agreed to send me some for free.