Magura HS33/HS22 franken-brake

Pics for Nurse Ben.

Beefy and more bomb-proof Magura HS22 lever body and its huge HS22 piston and a modified pre-2005 HS33 lever blade gives you greater brake pad travel distances and the size/adjustability of the HS33 brake lever that most uni riders like.

I have the parts to make up several more of these in various colors. This one is red with a pre-2005 black HS33 lever, so it is KH Spooner compatible and has the red TPA knob to adjust the brake pads on the fly. Assembled, brake line cut to your specifications, bled, tested and shipped for $95 priority mail (in the USA)

This is another post about this set up:

PM me if you are interested.

Black frankenbrake for Myles

See pics