Magura HS33 Brakes for sale

Yo man. Just wondering if you had anymore hs33’s left… I’m in pretty dire need. Lemme know. Email would be better… -Thanks

Yes, got loads of them here. Just sent you an e-mail.


HS 33 for KH29


Looking for some brakes . . .


k_gingher at

Hey Kurt, I just sent a message to your yahoo acct. Are these for unicycle use or a trials bike?

Yes, I have tons of new and used HS33 rim brakes here. Lightly used are $90/per wheel (shipped in the US) and come with brake line length of your choice (I can calculate this for you) black brake pads, longer 10" crossover tube to clear WIDE tires, bled and tested on my brake test jig for leaks and proper function. Most of the used brakes show very few signs of use and are 9+/10 in condition. Price does not include four bolt mounts ($26) or under-saddle lever mount ($26), but I have them her if you need them. Used HS33 brake colors: black, silver, red, blue and yellow.

The new HS33’s are $125 (shipped in the US) and a limited choice of red, yellow, black and silver.

Let me know if you want to see pics of anything in particular or if you have any questions.


Massive head wound from riding MUNI . . . . with no brakes . . . I’m just sayin

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Halloween costume? :wink:

You wouldn’t happen to have any of the aluminium 2005 HS33 adjuster nuts would you (to replace the plastic ones)

I’m sure some places must still sell them but I can’t remember where.

Not halloween, just another day of living the dream here in Portland . . .
To your other question: These guys pretty much rock at having almost every trials bike part (including Maggie rim brakes) in the world and great shipping service as well, even from the UK. They sell two kinds of the 2005-2010 alloy TPA adjuster. This is one:


Ahh yes - I think it might have been tartybikes I’d seen before.


Thanks Bryce for your professional service and all your help! The brake looks and works great!

To anyone interested in an hs33, this seller comes highly recommended.


Thanks guys and back to the top.


Bump. Still have loads of brakes and parts. Let me know what you need in 2012.



Do you have any brand new brakes. How much for them and do you have any colored brand new ones. Like red or green

I do have several brand new red, black, silver and flouro yellow HS33’s. Let me know if you want me to post some pics of a couple of these here.

Sorry, no green tho.


Pics for Enigma

Yes, I have several HS33 Olympia brakes with the gold lever blade

The first two pics are of a lightly used set
Three and four are of a new take-off set
The last pic is of a new lever mount and new brake mounts.

See PM for more info and pricing






How much for the seat mount?

Check your PMs


Bump. . . .still have loads of brakes and parts in black silver and older retro colors like red and flouro yellow. Let me know what you want.


Bump. . . .still have loads of brakes and parts in black silver and older retro colors like red and flouro yellow. Let me know what you want.


I just got my HS33 Olympia brakes from Brycer and they are awesome. Great price, well packed and cut to length.

Thanks mate! Free bump.

Pics of yellow HS33 options for MJS.

See Private message for more info.