Magura HS33 brake line replacement

How do I replace the brake line on Magura HS33 brakes, the line I need to replace is the line that loops between the two brakes. Is there a trick to getting the new hose to slip over the fitting?

Look on the Magura website, or on youtube. Magura makes a whole bunch of videos. They did help me even though I dont have the proper tools.

I can’t get the videos right now, sorry about that. It should be easy to find though.

You need to somehow clamp the hose in a vice and hammer in the barbed fitting. I made myself a ghetto tube-clamp for this purpose by getting two blocks of wood whose flat surfaces mate together well. Clamp them in a vice and drill a hole centred on the join through them - forming two halves with a half-round groove running through each. Then put the hose in your tube-clamp sticking up with enough room for the barbed fitting to go in and whack it with a hammer or mallet. I’m about to do this very job this afternoon!