Magura HS33 brake line, How do I shorten?

I have an extra set of Magura HS33 brakes off one of those 2 wheeled things and want to shorten the hydraulic brake line to fit my Uni, is this difficult?
I already have a bleed kit but I dont know what needs to be done to shorten the hyd. line, will it slip back over the fitting or ?

Plastic hose or braided hose?

With the plastic hose you cut the line flush and straight (can use a sharp utility knife blade) and plug it on new fittings. You can’t reuse the old fitting and old olive ferrule. Gotta get new ones. You can get new olive fittings from Magura USA or Trialsin or a number of other shops. Crimp on the new fitting, bleed the brakes and you’re good. The hardest part is bleeding the brakes (can be fussy to do correctly).